Photo by Ashley Monogue Photography

Photo by Ashley Monogue Photography

I am first a believer of Christ, wife to Heath, momma to Griffin and Baker and last but not least, a photographer wanting to share your life and your story.

Photography has always been something that has drawn me closer to who God is. His creation is breathtaking. And photography has given me an opportunity to capture His creation the way my eyes can see it. Whether that be the first time you lay eyes on your child, the quiet moment after you become husband and wife, pure joy of a graduate or love of a family. I have the great honor of being able to capture your life and your stories. I am passionate about not only being your photographer...but an ear to listen, a soul to comfort and a heart to encourage you. 

When I'm not behind the camera, I am chasing my sweet boys Griffin and Baker around. They are the light of my life and have brought me to know the person I always searched to be. I have found some of the deepest joy in being their mom. They were the first thing I ever created that I could look at and say "Yes, you are finished and you are perfect."

I am passionate that you can look at the images we can create together and say the same. That you can look at that image and know the feeling you felt in that moment and have no regrets later in life. That is my hope for my photography for you. Join me in capturing your life in whatever season you are in!

Things I love:
Dr Pepper and vanilla bean ice cream floats, Texas, mountains, decorating (I redecorate way too much), Fall is my absolute favorite season, roaming Target, junk and antique stores, DIY anything and everything I can, wine and a bubble bath, and my absolute favorite- spending time with my little family!