Tara documented all of our family moments. Our first Christmas card and our precious maternity pictures. Our maternity pictures documented a very special place in time because of our daughters heart condition. I would’ve chosen nobody else to document that time. She is the best of the best with an eye for bringing natural emotion into the pictures.
— Chelsey Horkey
As long as I have known Tara, she has been passionate about creativity. Creative is a word that gets used lightly, but I’m talking the kind of creative that pushes the boundaries and always looks to the future. Initially, Tara and I shared a passion for the art of dance. Let me say, the girl was good... and it was not because of her perfectly pointed feet or her precisely done makeup- it was because of her PASSION. I watched Tara add photography to her list of artistic passions in high school. It was obvious that this was not just her little teenage hobby, but her future. Tara went viral before going viral was cool and quickly went from taking photos of my family’s Christmas card in 2007(somewhere around there?), to photographing my wedding in 2014. She has mastered her art and continues to push herself. So no, Tara is not just a “good dancer” or a “good photographer” - Tara is a great photographer because she is passionate about the art of storytelling through photographs. I highly recommend her to any family, couple, bride or graduate looking for an artist to tell your story through stills that last a lifetime.
— Kristen Whaley
Tara was a perfect fit for our big day! From the engagement shoot to the wedding she captured everything we could have possibly ever wanted! Her creativeness mixed with her ability to keep us giggling is what made her images come to life and feel so real! Her sincerity and thoughtfulness made us feel so welcomed, just like we were right at home. And the locations and styles she prepared for us fit our personalities spot on - it was as if she had known us for years! We had an absolute blast getting to know Tara through our journey of getting married, and we can’t wait until our next big chapter in life begins to have her help us capture those special moments too!
— Bailey Gleitz
My husband and I have been fortunate enough to have Tara Hobgood Photography capture some of the biggest moments in our lives over the past few years. Tara has a wonderful way of making you feel completely at ease in front of the camera, and she captures such beautiful memories in her photographs! We are so thankful for her and her talent!
— Priscilla Molina
From the moment we were engaged, I knew exactly who I wanted to do all of our photography. Tara instantly came to my mind because I have adored her photos for a long time. I knew that I wanted her breathtaking and timeless images to be my very own. She took our engagements, rehearsal dinner and wedding photos and to say that I’m in love with them would be an extreme understatement. From the very beginning, Tara went above and beyond all of my expectations and truly captured our relationship. Each and every time I look at my photos from her, I feel exactly as I felt in the moment that she first captured it. After all is said and done, photos are all you have left from the wedding you worked so tirelessly to plan. Tara gave me beautiful photos of our most perfect day to cherish for a lifetime. I look at our wedding photos so often and am overcome with tears of joy. I know without a doubt that Tara is the best photographer that I ever could have chosen. Thank you Tara, for being such a large part of our special day.
— Hilary Bell
There was no doubt in my mind who I would go to when I got engaged and began the planning of engagement, bridal and wedding photos. I’ve been in love with Tara’s photography for years, and knew I wanted her to be involved in our wedding. She truly makes the experience memorable - she has an energy that is lighthearted and upbeat, but she is also someone who takes charge and is incredibly organized. Tara truly has an eye for the special moments that make up a very special day! For me, there are so many things you take away from a wedding, but having the pictures to cherish the memories is something that is forever - and Tara left us with some beautiful, breath-taking images.
— Corie Merchant